Mihir Patel, Software Engineer
| New York, NY, US
Through years of professional and personal development, I have worked with a variety of web and mobile stacks - from older Perl and Java stacks to Node.js and Flutter. I have architected search engines and developed extensible UI frameworks. I have mentored engineers through transitions to modern stacks. I am at my best when collaborating with others as we strive to make larger impact.
Rubenstein Technology Group - Lead Software Engineer 2018-01-01 — Present
  • Improved project development process ensuring results are reproducible, and attainable in 50-75% of the budget previously required.
  • Pioneered a foundation of reusable codebases comprising of a web engine, a search engine, a React UI framework, and CI workflows critical to the repeatable delivery of large scale website projects.
  • Showcased the legal expertise of law firms by revamping their web presence delivering RubensteinTech's proprietary content hub/CMS, search engines, internationalization, and enhanced user experience.
  • Increased impact of team members by leading engineers through company-wide transition to a modern MERN-like stack (Couchbase, Express, React, Node).
Rubenstein Technology Group - Software Engineer 2013-01-01 — 2017-12-31
  • Overhauled the group's core RubyLaw content hub offering that powers law firm websites by transitioning to a modern tech stack.
  • Shipped key product features in addition to overhaul boosting our CMS users to be twice as efficient and effective.
  • Architected fully customizable search engines allowing clients to dictate finer business logic requirements and search criteria.
Con Edison - Engineering Temporary Aide 2011-05-01 — 2012-09-31
  • Led digital transformation of a data/assets management group during two internships.
Netcasts OSS 2018-10-21 — Present
Open source podcasts mobile app powered by Flutter/Dart for Android.
  • Open source contributions to key packages such as ones powering audio services, cast support in developing community.
  • 50+ installs, 3.3k+ screens viewed.
Elasticsearch Analysis Inspector 2019-08-31 — Present
Visualization of Elasticsearch analysis process to better allow planning and debugging.
TEALSK12 - Teacher's Assistant 2017-06-01 — 2018-05-31
Taught a class of first time computer science students and first time computer science teacher at Pan American International High School in Queens, NY.
Disaster Accountability Project - SmartResponse Platform 2017-01-31 — 2017-07-30
Contributed to the development of the SmartResponse platform aimed at informing disaster relief organizations/donors for more effectively directed aid.
The City College of New York 2014-01-01 — 2014-12-31
Masters - Computer Science, GPA: 4.0
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science 2009-09-01 — 2013-05-31
Bachelors - Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.5
Web Development: Node.js (Proficient), Express (Proficient), React (Proficient), Sass w/ CSS Modules (Familiar), Webpack (Familiar)
Tech: Elasticsearch (Proficient), Couchbase (NoSQL) (Proficient), Docker (Familiar), Postgres (Familiar), Flutter (Proficient)
Languages: Javascript (Proficient), Dart (Proficient), Perl (Proficient), Java (Familiar), Python (Familiar)