Mihir Patel, Software Engineer
| New York, NY, US
Bloomberg LP - Senior Software Engineer 2020-03-16 — Present
  • Designed and documented modern revamps of key Business workflows to the web, resulting in drastically improved user experience and better baseline for future initiatives.
  • Architected microfrontends aimed at providing product documentation for clients, discovery of securities products, and meeting other critical customer needs.
  • Led adoption of improved software engineering practices, and new tools in the graphQL API development and React based UI development realms that resulted in more efficient, reliable and scaleable solutions.
  • Engineered tools providing Business with insights into Bloomberg's Customer Service Center, allowing for informed decision making towards future client facing products, and removing the need for manual engineering efforts in 95% of cases with near instantaneous turnaround time for obtaining the information.
  • Mentored interns, newly hired engineers, and junior engineers with adoption of team's engineering practices and understanding of our business domain.
Rubenstein Technology Group - Lead Software Engineer 2018-01-01 — 2020-03-13
  • Pioneered a foundation of reusable codebases comprising of an extensible web engine, an Elasticsearch powered search engine, a React UI framework, and CI workflows critical to the repeatable delivery of large scale website projects.
  • Showcased the legal expertise of law firms by revamping their web presence delivering RubensteinTech's proprietary content hub/CMS, search engines, internationalization, and enhanced user experience partnering with firm's CMO/marketing departments.
  • Improved project development process ensuring results are reproducible, and attainable in 50-75% of the budget previously required.
  • Led engineers through company-wide transition to a modern MERN-like stack (Couchbase, Express, React, Node), and increased their impact through mentorship.
Rubenstein Technology Group - Software Engineer 2013-01-01 — 2017-12-31
  • Overhauled the group's core RubyLaw content hub offering that powers law firm websites by transitioning to a modern tech stack resulting in drastically reduced efforts towards new features.
  • Shipped key product features boosting our CMS users to be twice as efficient and effective.
  • Architected fully customizable search engines allowing clients to dictate finer business logic requirements and search criteria.
Netcasts OSS 2018-10-21 — Present
Open source podcasts mobile app powered by Flutter/Dart for Android.
  • Open source contributions to key packages such as ones powering audio services, cast support in developing community.
  • 100+ installs, 5k+ screens viewed.
Elasticsearch Analysis Inspector 2019-08-31 — Present
Visualization of Elasticsearch analysis process to better allow planning and debugging.
TEALSK12 - Teacher's Assistant 2017-06-01 — 2018-05-31
Taught a class of first time computer science students and first time computer science teacher at Pan American International High School in Queens, NY.
Disaster Accountability Project - SmartResponse Platform 2017-01-31 — 2017-07-30
Contributed to the development of the SmartResponse platform aimed at informing disaster relief organizations/donors for more effectively directed aid.
The City College of New York 2014-01-01 — 2014-12-31
Masters - Computer Science, GPA: 4.0
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science 2009-09-01 — 2013-05-31
Bachelors - Computer Engineering, GPA: 3.5
Languages: Javascript, Typescript, Python, Dart, Perl
Tech: Elasticsearch/Solr, Couchbase (NoSQL), Docker, Postgres, Flutter, CI/CD
Web Development: Node.js + NPM, React, GraphQL, Sass, Webpack