Reviewing Github's trending lists

I developed a habit of reviewing Github’s trending lists every week. I will review the top trending projects across all languages and for the few languages that I am interested in following. Recently, that list for me has been:

Why is it difficult to provide estimates?

As software engineers, we will be asked more and more to provide estimates for bug fixes, small updates, and new features. I understand the immense value of having estimates. It allows project managers and tech leads to plan tasks, plan a larger project, and provide timelines to clients and users. Estimates are valuable generally in day to day life. Just to name a few examples, we receive variations in the form of weather forecasts, stock market analyses and predictions, and seeds assigned to NCAA teams. However, estimates for software pose their own stakes and challenges.

Years with Vim

I really just mean three or four years when I say “Years with Vim”. I have come to rely on it for personal projects and at work. On top of this, I have invested considerable amount of time on my vim configuration. I thought it would be good to evaluate the lessons and interactions with a tool that I have come to heavily rely upon.


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